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Asphalt shingles last on average 25 years depending on a wide variety of things

Our preferred brand of shingles is Owens Corning Duration. Duration® Series Shingles are unrivaled by any other architectural shingles because they feature our patented SureNail® Technology - a technological breakthrough in shingle design. What does that mean for you? Less worries! Using a quality product means you that your investment will hold up to aggressive weather and help keep your home protected.

Below are the standard color options that not only look beautiful but keep your home protected. There are a variety of other options available (often at a higher cost), but this is an excellent place to start.

Metal Roofing is another great way to protect your home for many years to come! Proven to last nearly a lifetime, metal roofing comes with 50 year color warranty (*Note Galvelume non colored panels have shortened warranty). Below is a standard selection of metal colors. We offer the ability to install classic rib (most cost effective), standing seam, as well as metal shingles.

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